Friday, July 29, 2011

Food Insecurity, Social Tension and Political Conflict in Nepal

- Bishnu Raj Upreti, Yamuna Ghale, Safal Ghimire

A paper presented at the Sustainable Development Conference, Islamabad, Pakistan,  21-23 December 2009 (also published from Sustainable Development Policy Institute).


One of the sources of armed conflict, food insecurity has been still creating huge social tension in Nepal. It is one of the major socio-political issues for the conflict was also erupted in the most food insecure regions of Nepal. A highly politicised issue, it, sad but true, remained widely ignored from the government in terms of addressing in practice. This paper examines the relationship among food insecurity, social tension and political conflict in Nepal. Based on the primary and secondary data, the paper offers insights on the hard hit food insecurity areas and ripple effects on social relation in reference to the decade long war. Concluding that hunger and food insecurity lead to instability, civil unrest and psychological stress and ultimately provide fertile ground for armed conflict, this paper establishes a cause-effect relationship between food insecurity and armed conflict as food insecurity exacerbates conflict and conflict affects food security.


For full-text paper is downloadable here.


  1. Thanks for the interest, Jacob. The full-text article is now published from Pakistan in the book titled 'Fostering Sustainable Development in South Asia: Responding to Challenges'; Publisher: Sustainable Development Policy Institute-Pakistan and Sang-e-Meel Publications, 2011.
    For details:
    Bibliographic information

    Title: Fostering sustainable development in South Asia: responding to challenges
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