Monday, September 29, 2014

Centre for Peace Studies, University of New England celebrates International Day of Peace

Every year, 21st of September is observed as the International Day of Peace. Its theme for this year (2014) is 'Right of Peoples to Peace'. The postgraduate students in the Centre for Peace Studies, School of Humanities, University of New England have created a video that shows what the right to peace means to the Peace Studies team. This video features academic staff Prof Helen Ware, Dr Bert Jenkins and Dr Marty Branagan as well as PhD Candidates (M.C. Jaysinghe, Safal Ghimire, Johanna Garnett, Vanessa Bible and Haroutioun Akdedian.

It has been created solely by the efforts of the students with limited resource and expertise. So, comments and suggestions are welcome for future improvements. Safal Ghimire compiled, edited and directed the video.

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