Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hiking to Mount Yarrowyck

It is good to do short hiking during holidays to maintain your good health and take break from your regular works. Now, I am just back to my place after a short hiking today in Mount Yarrowyck National Reserve, NSW, Australia. After driving for about 30 kilometers west from Armidale in Bundarra Road, we merged into Thunderbolts Highway. After just about 500 meters, there is a entrance to that reserve. We missed the trail and lost our way as we walked along the fence and did not walk straight uphill. After realizing that we were on a wrong track, we began walking uphill just making our own ways in the bushes and tall shrubs in that jungle. The scenes were wonderful; especially the cave painting by the aboriginal Australians are the beauties of the mount at the top. Here are some photos:

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