Monday, September 1, 2014

International Day of Peace 2014: My Message

Every year, 21st of September is observed as the International Day of Peace every year. The slogan for this year is 'Right of People to Peace'. Since, I'm a student of peace and security, I thought about writing a blog to state my message here. Here is my view point regarding peace and security.

The world we live in today has 66 million hungry school-age children and it needs 3.2 billion US dollar per year to feed them. In contrast, the world military expenditure totalled 1747 billion US dollar in 2013.
We need security to achieve peace. But one should know whether our priority should be grains or bullets. While justifying people's right to live peacefully with security, we should rethink about what causes insecurity. To put it simply, we cannot achieve peace by silencing the voices by guns and bullets. Peace needs pressure-free livelihood; it needs relief from hunger and threats.

Because of hunger, there is insecurity, because of livelihood pressures, there is insecurity. But security does not always come from the barrel of an AK-47 or boots of the soldiers. If security is for peace, then it means right to freedom, right to study, sing, dance, express and roam around freely. For me, right of people to peace is right to do your business without harming others. Peace depends on prosperity and prosperity has its root in security. So, we cannot imagine a peaceful society without successful security.

- Safal Ghimire

Centre for Peace Studies, University of New Engalnd

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