Safal Ghimire
Researcher | Conflict | Peace | Security | Post-war Recovery | South Asia | Nepal

Safal's research interests include private, non-state and external actors in conflict transformation, security sector governance and post-war/post-crisis recovery. His ongoing work more specifically examines the contention and cooperation between rising powers and established powers in security and peacebuilding with a regional focus in Nepal and South Asia. In the past, Safal worked as a Research Officer with the South Asia Office of the Swiss National Centre for Contemporary Research (NCCR North-South)− a global research program led by the University of Bern and the University of Zurich−and now collaborates with Nepal Centre for Contemporary Research in the capacity of Visiting Associate. He is also pursuing a PhD at the Centre for Peace Studies, University of New England, Australia.

PhD Candidate (Security Studies)
February 2013 – Present
Restructuring security under peacebuilding rubric has been a multinational enterprise in many war-torn countries because of the involvement of the European Union (EU) and a number of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) actors. Mercurial regional power structures and wider political space claimed by emerging powers in international security is making this process ever more complex. With successes transient and sustainability doubtful in security sector reform, questions have been emerging on whether security should be nurtured within the host context or augmented by replicating exotic models. Following grounded theory approach with in-depth interview method, Safal’s research scrutinizes the contention and cooperation between conventional and rising powers, and the implications of their roles in setting post-war security agenda in Nepal.
Visiting Scholar
Research Officer
Publication Consultant
Various Agencies-Various Dates
(Some of my clients were Embassy of Switzerland in Nepal, SNV-the Netherlands Development Organisation, SDC-Swiss Development Cooperation, Nepal Swiss Community Forestry Project, NIDS-Nepal Institute for Development Studies, Swiss National Centre for Competence in Research/NCCR North-South, Consortium for Land Research and Policy Dialogue, Kathmandu University/Department of Development Studies and WWF-World Wildlife Fund)    
Kathmandu University (School of Arts), Lalitpur, Nepal
'Sociology of Resource Conflict' HNRS 512

Peer-Reviewer in Journals
Development and Change, Erasmus University, The Hague, Netherlands
Peace and Conflict Studies, Nova Southeastern University, Florida, United States
Sustainable Development Series, SDPI, Islamabad, Pakistan

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Fellowships, Grants & Awards
Civil Society Scholar Award
Open Society Foundations, 2015
University of New England PhD Completion Grant
UNE, Australia/February 2013
University of New England Research Award
UNE, Australia/February 2013
International Post-graduate Research Scholarship
Australian Government/February 2013
Keith and Dorothy Mackay Attachment Grant
Academic Board of Higher Degree Research Committee, UNE/April 2014
Media Research Fellowship
Martin Chautari, Kathmandu/January 2009
Swiss National Science Foundation Fellowship
NCCR North-South, South Asia Office/February 2008
Youth Initiative Award for Community Development
YI, Kathmandu-2005
European Association for South Asian Studies Travel Grant
European Association for South Asian Studies, July 2012
Swiss Peace Foundation Travel Grant
Swisspeace, November 2011
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Travel Grant
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung-Nepal, December 2011