Conflict Database

Database on Peace and Conflict Studies
The following websites give comprehensive database on conflicts around the world. Simply control + click on the database name below to access them.
  1. Database - Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP)
  2. Armed Conflict Database - International Institute for Strategic Studies
  3. Data on Armed Conflict - PRIO
  4. ACLED | ACLEDACLED (Armed Conflict Location and Event Dataset)
  5. Data on Armed Conflict and Security - Startseite
  6. Conflict DataBase: The CEWS Conflict Database
  7. Armed Conflict Dataset (UCDP/PRIO) - The Macro Data Guide
  8. Paul Hensel's International Conflict and Cooperation Data Page
  9. Data Resources: Conflicts, Wars, Terrorism
  10. Conflict Victim's Profile in Nepal - INSEC (Informal Sector Service Centre) 

Journals on Peace and Conflict Studies

The following are internationally recognized peer-reviewed journals where you can aim for publishing (To go to the journal's web pages, simply click on their names):

Peace, conflict, security
Best ones

Good ones 
3.    Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution
4.    Journal of Peace History
6.    Peace Review
7.    Peace and Public Policy

International Relations
Best ones
Good ones 

(Source: Compiled from DPCR, Uppsala University and other database)